Welcome to The Urban Hound University

The Urban Hound University provides a welcoming environment to help your dog grow and develop skills for a happier, more relaxed life. Our professional dog trainers will help your dog with everything from basic obedience and good manners to high level, off-leash obedience. Our programs are based on consistency, motivation and reinforcement with your dog.

We appreciate that no two dogs are alike. Our trainers take the time to develop a relationship with your dog, and create a specific training plan to cater to your dog’s needs. Whether you have a rescue dog or a new puppy, we will create an individualized dog training program to fit you and your dogs lifestyle.

Having a hard time getting your dog to walk appropriately on his leash? Lots of barking going on when people come over? Whatever the issue, our trainers can help. From basic manners to larger, behavioral-based issues, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our immersive training programs are customized to meet you and your dog’s specific needs and goals. Your dog will benefit from a hands-on, tailored program, and will gain the repetition she needs to reach her full potential.

    Throughout their training program, we work to instill these new manners into your dog, so that they are ready for their lesson with you on graduation day.

    It can be stressful to work on teaching you and your dog new skills and habits, especially when you hit the natural roadblocks that occur during the training process. Let us take the stress away and do the teaching with your dog so that they are ready to work with you.

  • This is our most comprehensive and intense training program. Opt for one, two, or three weeks, based on the specific goals you have for your pup. Your dog will receive a minimum of four one-on-one training lessons per day, structured leash walks, and playtime with other dogs if their temperament suits. Resident Board and Train programs also include two one-hour training lessons with one of our trainers at the end of your dog’s stay. Once completed, your dog is eligible to participate in our Structured Daycare program, as well as our drop-in obedience classes.


    Our one week board and train program is designed to accomplish basic on leash obedience. While it will help to eliminate the majority of issues you may be having and deepen your ability to communicate with your dog, it is not appropriate for dogs that have any major behavior issues such as aggression.


    Utilizing electronic collars, our two week program is designed to create a relationship with your dog that is off-leash in a variety of circumstances. We will also address behavioral issues, although for more severe issues we may suggest our 3 week board and train program.


    For off-leash obedience plus additional work needed to address more serious behavioral issues.

  • One of the most popular programs at the Urban Hound is our Day School. It is a convenient and effective way to put you and your dog on the fast track to mastering obedience and improving overall behavior. This program is offered in one, two or three week packages. Your dog will receive the same workouts that s/he would in our Board and Train Program, but you drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. The program runs weekly from Tuesday through Friday and includes a one hour lesson with each week of training. After completing a Day School, your dog will be eligible to participate in our Structured Daycare program, as well as any of our drop in obedience classes.


    In our one week day school your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash by your side, making walks more enjoyable.

    TWO WEEK DAY SCHOOL / $1,375

    In our two week day school your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash, sit at stops, lie down and sit on command and stay with distractions.


    In our three week day school your dog will learn full on and off leash obedience with remote collar system and behavior modification for more serious cases. Give your dog the gift of off leash freedom!

  • We would love to work with you and your dog in our private lesson format! After an initial evaluation to determine whether or not private lessons are appropriate for you and your dog, we will schedule three private lessons, generally about one week apart. We recommend private lessons for basic leash work, as well as dealing with a dog that is difficult to walk on leash, and even working with you and your dog to improve the recall using our off leash e-collar system.

    Some issues such as aggression, and more severe forms of nervousness and hyperactivity may be better worked on in our day school or board and train programs, which is why it’s important for us to evaluate your dog before starting work.

    Our main goal of private lessons is to teach you how to do the training with your dog. As each lesson builds upon the previous lesson, it is important for you to schedule time on your own to do the homework before we meet for the next lesson.

    The price for the initial three lessons is $450. $150 for each lesson following that. All lessons are done at our South End facility, although we do schedule in home lessons for an additional charge.

  • We expect a lot from our dogs, including everything from walking calmly on a leash to greeting our guests in a respectful manner. Our goal at The Urban Hound University is to help reinforce the training you have worked hard to instill in your dog. The extension of Day School and our Board and Train programs is Structured Daycare. This program consists of individualized training as well as small group obedience work. We also have your dog participate daily in unique play groups that focus on providing your dog with the finest social experience we offer. Structured Daycare is an opportunity for your dog to have obedience training consistently embedded in their time here. Our trainers will provide you with updates on your dog’s progress as well as give you support offered either by private or group lessons. Phone and email consultations are always available as well.

    Structured daycare is offered Monday through Friday from 7am-3pm.

    Structured daycare is $80 per day.

  • What types of tools/methods do you use?

    At The Urban Hound we know that no two dogs are alike, and therefore we do not restrict ourselves to one method or tool. Our goal is to teach your dog to work with us using a method that is balanced and relationship driven. While our primary tools are based on positive reinforcement (praise, affection and food), we do put a strong focus on real world dog training and believe that there is a time and a place for correcting unwanted behavior. Our handling tools include, but aren’t limited too, slip collars, prong collars, and electronic collars.

    How does the training process work?

    There are three distinct phases to the training process, teaching, training, and proofing. In the first stage, teaching, we slowly guide and show the dog what we want. We are taking words (“let’s go” “sit” “down” “come” “place” etc.) and attaching an action to them. This process takes time and patience and tons of positive reinforcement as we create these associations. From there we start the training phase. During this phase, we start to train the dogs that these behaviors are non-negotiable, and that we expect them to do it the first time we ask them. Once the dog is responding to our first request of any given command we begin to proof the training. This is where we add the real world element. Sure, we might be able to do a down stay inside with limited distractions, but can we do the same command on a busy city sidewalk? That’s where the real test comes in, and yes, we think any dog is capable of doing it!

    I’ve done training elsewhere, and I’m interested in attending your structured daycare program, can I start without doing one of your other training programs?

    No. While we do understand that dogs may receive training elsewhere, we’ve created our training programs with Structured Daycare in mind. It is important that each dog in Structured Daycare has the same foundational training and understanding of the commands we use. This way, Structured is a smooth and productive experience for the dogs and trainers.

    Do I have any homework once the training is complete?

    Training is just another word for relationship. And just like any relationship, it requires some maintenance and upkeep to sustain it at an optimal level. So, the short answer is yes, there will be homework! In order to support the training that we work on with you dog (whether in a class, private lessons, day school or board and train, or Structured Daycare!) there will be some level of a lifestyle adjustment with your dog. While we cannot ethically guarantee our training 100% (because we can’t control what happens with each dog once they leave our facility), we can guarantee our support and continuing work if you ever feel like the training with your dog has begun to slide. But, usually, that starts with rebooting habits with your dog at home.

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