Puppy Training at the Urban Hound

One of the most exciting times in your life will be guiding your new dog through puppyhood. Seeing your puppy figure out social interactions, give you her paw for the first time, and just generally “learn how to dog” are going to provide you with such a unique joy.

As happy as it all is, puppyhood offers a learning curve for all involved. We’re here to help. We offer training, daycare, walking, and grooming options for new puppies. If you are interested in something other than what is listed here, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions.

  • Training starts the moment you bring your puppy home for the first time. Start off on the right paw and join us for our 6-week Puppy Kindergarten class. This class runs Saturday mornings at 11am and is the perfect beginner course for new dogs and dog parents. Please check our class schedule for the next 6-week session.

    Each 6-week Puppy Kindergarten session is $275.

    During our weekly one hour class, we will help you navigate the critical stages of puppyhood and get your dog on the path to success in communication and mutual understanding with dogs and people.

    What makes our Puppy Kindergarten unique?

    • Individual attention will be given to your puppy and you
    • This is a 6-week structured program to get your dog into a training routine
    • Classes are tailored for the specific group of dogs in each 6-week session
    • Focus on socialization to help begin a lifetime of productive interactions with dogs and people

    Each class offers:

    • Confidence building in social situations
    • Socialization designed to foster appropriate manners in play
    • One-on-one troubleshooting
    • A socialization session to begin and end

    For the first class, you will need:

    • Proof of Bordatella & Distemper vaccinations to date
    • Proof of Rabies vaccination once administered
    • Proof of a clean fecal exam
    • A flat leash and collar
  • Puppy daycare is $75 per day.

    While dogs must be 6 months old and spayed/neutered to participate in our regular daycare program, those under 6 months of age don’t have to wait to join the fun.

    Our Puppy Daycare Program is run by our trainers and our Enrichment Coordinator, Jess. In Puppy Daycare, we help each dog learn what is and is not appropriate play behavior, and how to socialize in group settings. We also focus on introducing the puppies to human touch and positively reinforce the touching of their mouths, ears, and feet for more positive grooming and vet experiences as they get older.

    In between socializing and play time, the puppies are created. It is so important to give puppies the rest time they need throughout the day so that they can absorb what they’ve learned and re-energize. Puppies have potty breaks every two hours minimum.

    To be eligible for Puppy Daycare, dogs must be 12 weeks old and will need:

    • Proof of Bordatella & Distemper vaccinations to date
    • Proof of each round of Canine Influenza
    • Proof of Rabies vaccination once administered
    • Proof of a clean fecal exam
    • A flat leash and collar
    • Lunch — while not all puppies need to eat during the day if you and your vet have determined that your pup should, please feel free to bring his or her lunch along to daycare.
  • Each Puppy Walk is $20.

    Our Puppy Walks are offered for puppies under 6 months old. We can accommodate 2-3 20-minute walks per day, depending on timing and your location. We will feed your pup, take them out to play and use the bathroom, all the while reinforcing any training you’ve been working on.

    The Puppy Walks are a great compliment to our Puppy Daycare program, and are available for puppies who live in:

    • South End
    • Seaport
    • Certain areas of South Boston*

    *Call for details.