Employee Spotlight: Saydie

Saydie is one of our longest tenured staff members here at the Urban Hound, and we don’t know how we’d exist without her. She is a daycare superstar and spends her days at the Hound making sure your dogs have as much fun as possible.

Where do I recognize Saydie from?

You’ll see Saydie weekday and weekend afternoons, bringing your dogs up to you after a fun day of play. You also may see her about town picking dogs up and dropping them off.

Does Saydie have a dog?

Yes! In fact, Saydie has two dogs. She has Deuce, a black boxer who is full of love and playful energy. His sister, Pocah (short for Pocahontas), is a pit mix, rescued from Last Hope K9 here in Boston.

Hey, didn’t Saydie used to work mornings?

You are right! Saydie used to work as the Morning Supervisor, but has since enrolled in cosmetology school and had to change and cut her hours at the Urban Hound. Saydie is set to graduate in October and be the most legit hairstylist in Greater Boston.

What does Saydie do in her spare time?

Since enrolling in school, Saydie’s free time has been limited. When she isn’t studying or here at the Urban Hound, Saydie is usually playing with her dogs and taking them on adventures. She can also be found trying the latest vegan cuisines in Boston and hanging out with her friends.

Puppy Kindergarten Galore!

Welcome to Puppy Kindergarten at the Urban Hound!

Training your puppy starts the moment you bring him or her home. Start off on the right paw and join us for our 6-week Puppy Kindergarten class. This class runs Tuesday nights from 7-8PM, and is the perfect beginner course for your new pup. Please check our class schedule for the next 6-week session. A 6-week session is $250.

During our weekly one hour class we will help you navigate the critical stages of puppyhood and start you and your puppy off on the right path for enhanced communication and mutual understanding!

What makes our Puppy Kindergarten unique?

  • Individual attention will be given to your puppy and you
  • 6-week structured program
  • Class sessions are tailored for our group

Each class offers:

  • Confidence building agility exercises
  • Socialization designed to foster appropriate manners and play
  • One on one obedience instruction
  • A Q&A troubleshooting session
  • And much more!

Call us today to register your dog for our next session! Reach us at 617-755-5775.

Next session starts: August 14th @ 7pm

Setting the Tone

It’s going to happen either way. The tone of the interaction with our dog will be set. Is it going to be excited energy or calm? Are we nervous about how our dog will behave, or quietly confident in the work we’ve put in? Is our dog making all of the decisions (and are we just reacting?), or are we taking the approach of being the calm and patient teachers, thinking one step ahead and working with the dog?
The general tone is set by the rules we establish for our dogs. These are the basic rules of life.  Does the dog think to get permission from us before jumping up on a couch? Does he wait patiently for food? Does she pull on the leash at whatever might be more interesting and more rewarding than what we have to offer her? Have we established a basic level of respect?
The general tone then sets us up for success (or doesn’t) with the specific tones. And this is where the practice of obedience training comes into play. The down-stay, the loose leash walk and the off leash recall. Essentially, teaching the dog to control their impulses – acts that may feel very unnatural to them.
It is up to us. We can decide the tone we want. Or we can be bystanders to our relationship with our dog. It’s going to happen either way.

Employee Spotlight: Vicky

Meet this month’s Employee Spotlight: Vicky! Vicky heads up our grooming department. When she started 7 years ago, she was a department of 1. Now, she oversees a department of 4, which is only growing! Vicky is an integral part of our staff and she is likely an integral part of your pup’s life, too!

Has Vicky always been a dog groomer?

I’m glad you asked! Vicky has not always been a dog groomer. Vicky received her degree in journalism form Ohio University, and spent more than 8 years working as a reporter and editor before shifting gears to pursue dog grooming. Before she worked at The Urban Hound, Vicky had a writing job at Boston University.

What is Vicky’s favorite part of working at The Urban Hound?

There are so many great things about being a part of The Urban Hound team but, of course, everyone’s favorite part are the dogs. Vicky has had the privilege of knowing thousands of dogs during her time at The Urban Hound. She considers it a privilege to watch each dog mature and age, and to even to help send them off on their journey across the rainbow bridge. So many dogs hold a special place in our hearts long after they are gone. Vicky also loves her squad of “spa dogs” who hang with she and her team during the day.

What does Vicky do in her spare time?

When she is not at The Urban Hound, Vicky has many interests that occupy her time. Vicky is an avid reader, and some of her favorites include “The Glass Castle,” “Jacob I Have Loved,” and “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.” Vicky and her partner, Jenn, enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, especially hiking. Vicky & Jenn live with their cat, Nina, who Vicky has had since college.

What does Vicky want to be when she grows up?

Vicky is loving her career as a dog groomer, and is content to stick with that for some time. However, she does harbor many dreams, most notably moving to Maine or Vermont to raise goats and revisit her writing career.

Employee Spotlight: Sam – Farewell Edition!

This is a different kind of employee spotlight. You see, this is Sam’s last month at The Urban Hound. We are so sad to see her go and knew we couldn’t send her off without making her the Employee Spotlight before she left.

Where do I recognize Sam from?

Sam has worked at the Urban Hound for almost 2 years. In that time, you’ve likely seen her smiling face bringing your pup up to you at the end of the day, or bringing them back when you’ve dropped them off for daycare or boarding. Sam’s cheerfulness and attention to detail have probably given you the warm and fuzzies when you’ve handed your pup over to her in the morning a time or two.

Does Sam have a dog?

Yes! Sam recently became a dog mom, after years of longing for a pup of her own. Sam adopted Rhyme, her tiny Corgi/Terrier Mix, and she could not be more in love.

What does Sam do in her free time?

The last few years have not left Sam with a ton of free time, since she’s worked here with us in addition to going to school full-time. When she does have free time, Sam spends time with her friends and boyfriend, attends concerts, explores the city, and takes Rhyme to do many activities in pursuit of Instagram fame!

Why is Sam leaving the Urban Hound?

I know, right?! We wish Sam could stay forever, but she’s off to do lots of good in her new position as an Emergency Services Coordinator in the Brockton area. Sam was working towards her Master’s Degree in Social Work, so we knew we couldn’t hang onto her forever. We will miss her and know she’s going to be amazing in this new position.