At the Urban Hound, we are always trying to innovate dog care in a way that improves the lives of our canine clientele. All of the dogs in our care are treated to comfortable beds and blankets, treats, one-on-one time, and more. That said, we wanted to see how we could make our dogs even happier during their time with us.

What do we mean by “enrichment?” For us, enrichment is about introducing purposeful activities and routines into each dog’s time with us.

We are constantly adding to and developing our Enrichment Program to keep things interesting for our dogs. Our Enrichment Program is an important part of our hotel and daycare services and will never cost extra.

  • We use a number of strategies to make sure that every dog’s stay is happy, fun, and low-stress. Whether it be introducing a treat puzzle or a lavender-scented toy to the pup, or playing calming music in our play area during thunderstorms, we are making the boarding and daycare experience more enjoyable for each Hound.

    • Kongs filled with delicious new recipes each day (think plain yogurt and blueberries today, peanut butter and carrots tomorrow)
    • Snuffle mats and treat puzzles to keep dogs’ minds working as they eat
    • Essential oils on beds, blankets, and toys for a soothing effect
    • Playgroups with a few dogs of matching energy levels
    • Fetch and toy sessions for pups who are motivated by play
    • And just some good, old-fashioned snuggle time with the staff