Cassie Carey
Project Description

One of five children, Cassie grew up on the coast of Maine. She had her first grooming gig at age 11 when her parents agreed to let her groom the family’s English Springer Spaniel. Little did anyone suspect, 10 years later Cassie has a successful career as a professional dog groomer. // During her 20s, Cassie trained under NDGAA-certified master groomers, Daryl Conner and Liz Czak, owner of the Yankee Clipper in Rockport, Maine. During her tenure at Yankee Clipper, Cassie focused on building her skill set to include hand-scissoring, hand-stripping, breed-standard haircuts, and custom clips. She also has an interest in creative and Asian fusion grooming. Cassie’s current career goal is to complete the National Dog Groomers Association of America’s Master Grooming Certification, a lengthy and rigorous process. // Aside from grooming, Cassie has a wide variety of interests that include exploring the islands off the coast of Maine, taking long road trips along the Eastern seaboard, visiting state and national parks, kayaking, hiking and trying new foods. // Cassie has two dogs and a cat; Paco, a spunky chihuahua-mix; Lola, a chihuahua who a has a soul of goodness; and Olive, a sweet little tabby cat. The dogs, who share her sense of adventure and love of travel, have accompanied Cassie on many road trips, vacations, kayaking excursions, and camping trips. Olive prefers to stay home and hold down the fort.

Favorite Fictional Dog: Falkor

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