Moose Pug’s Hipster Christmas Playlist

You may remember our post from a couple months ago, in which we treated you to an exclusive playlist by our resident music expert and hipster, Moose Pug. Well, the holiday season is upon us and we thought we’d ask him for a few festive suggestions for those playlists we’re all working on.

The same caveat applies to this playlist as did the last one: if you don’t recognize the song titles, you’re not alone. Moose Pug’s taste is very obscure. Take it away, Pug…

  • All I Want for Christmas is Food: This song is such a classic Christmas jam. I appreciate how the narrator is willing to give up a white Christmas and hearing Santa on the roof if she can just have some food for Christmas.
  • Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow: I like this one because it hits on the best part of winter. Peeing on snow is a pleasure only afforded to dogs who live in cold places; I don’t know what those dogs living in tropical climates do for fun without it. The chorus gets a little redundant, but I like the song anyway.
  • Fetch the Balls: So, I don’t know about you, but I think this song is a little weird. Like, why would you fetch the balls with boughs of holly? I don’t know. Maybe they meant to say with paws of…I don’t know. Either way, I like the fa-la-la-la-la part, it’s fun.
  • Dingle Bells: This song cracks me up. I know it’s about dingleberries, but I think it gets censored on the radio, so they say dingle bells instead.
  • Barkin’ Around the Christmas Tree: This is literally my favorite activity during the holiday season. (Well, except eating the Christmas ham). So this is my holiday anthem. 
  • Baby, Let’s Go Outside: Some people have said this song is creepy, but all I hear is a nice duet between dog who wants to go outside and his mom, who wants to stay inside. 
  • O, Come All Ye Playful: There is no time like the holidays to let your inner puppy come out and play. This is a song about that. 
  • It Came Upon A Midnight Snack: Santa isn’t the only one who gets to eat cookies in the middle of the night. Just ask the guy who sings this song.