Celebrate the Holidays the Right Way (With Your Dog)

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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Here are a few dog-approved tips on celebrating the holidays with your Hound.

  • Take a page out of Snoopy’s book. There’s a reason Snoopy is the best Peanuts character of them all: he understands the importance of interior and exterior design. Hang those lights and string that garland, and fix you and your pup a delicious holiday-themed snack while you’re working. Pumpkin bread for you, and apples for your dog since it’s still technically fall.
  • Choose & chop down your tree. If you celebrate Christmas, this is one of the most exciting traditions of the year. Taking a stroll around your local Christmas tree farm and choosing the perfect spruce for your home is essential to a Merry Christmas. A lot of local farms let you bring your pooch along for the fun, so don’t leave him at home!
  • Sing songs. No matter what your winter holiday is, there are plenty of tunes to get you in the spirit. Mix a holiday drink – with or without the spirit – and croon along with your favorite festive albums. The good news is, when you miss that high note, your dog will be right there to cover up your flub with her own holiday howls.
  • It’s not all about the presents, but…Don’t forget Fido! If you’re in the gift-giving mood, make sure you don’t leave your pets out of the fun. But, you don’t have to go out of your way to get them something special. Letting them unwrap a toy they already have or hiding treats in a gift bag will be good enough for them!
  • Ugly is the new black. You’re not the only one who wants to attend an Ugly Sweater Party this holiday season. There are plenty of places to buy your dog a heinous garment to wear, or you could try making one yourself. Either way, we guarantee your dog will be the best wingman EVER if you bring him along for the fun.
  • Pay it forward. While your local food pantry might not appreciate you bringing your dog along, there’s plenty of volunteering to be done with dogs in tow! Find out if dogs at your local shelter need some snowy walks and bring them along for the winter hike you were already planning on doing. If you can’t make it to the shelter, download one of the many apps that lets your regular walks count for cups of kibble or toys for dogs in need.

Get started on this list ASAP to properly celebrate the holidays with your pup! We’re down to a month, people!