Sarolta Ban Dog Photography

Nick sent this link about Hungarian photographer, Sarolta Ban, to me this morning and I think it is just awesome. We are such supporters of rescue here at The Urban Hound.

We currently foster dogs for both Last Hope K9 and Great Dog Rescue New England, and many of the dogs that have come through our doors waiting for their forever homes have been adopted by our own staff. In my dreams I own a farm in the city where I can foster all dogs in need right in the heart of Boston. (Sorry Whole Foods, but I would gladly take over your space at Ink Block to make this happen.)

We take a lot of pride in the work we do with our fosters. Nick and Ashley spend a lot of their own time working on basic training with them, and the staff always gives them extra love and attention knowing they probably have never had that where they came from. For the most part they all come in a little nervous, a little scared, and a little damaged. But with a little love, attention, and the right guidance, they all turn out to be just amazing dogs. They just need to know they are ok, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is so wonderful to see the fear leave their eyes and be replaced with confidence and assurance.

If you are looking for a dog or know someone else that is, have them check out Last Hope K9 and Great Dog Rescue. The dogs they pull from the shelters down south are pretty amazing. And we can always lend a hand in the adoption process to make things easier!