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Krista was born and raised in Quincy and enjoys the immense family history that comes with having grown up and lived in the same home and neighborhood as her dad. Krista considers herself both a dog and a cat person. While she has never had a dog as a pet, she has had three cats: Smokey, Capone and Rocky. Like most of us, Krista enjoys making funny videos of her pets and the furry friends she has in her life. In her free time, Krista reads a ton, attends concerts and Red Sox games, travels a great deal, and bicycles all around the city using her Hubway membership. Krista’s two bucket-list items are seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and to visit the American and Allied Cemeteries & Memorials in Normandy, France. Krista is a member of a group called the Patriot Guard Riders which helps to support the troops. Another fun fact: Krista is working on her collection of autographed books by her favorite author, Michael Slade.

Favorite Fictional Dog: Brutus from Disney’s ‘The Ugly Dachshund’

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