Front Desk Associate
Project Description

Born and bred in Boston, Brendan is a true New Englander. Brendan enjoys fall, coffee, candles, cooking, and shopping for his ideal fall outfit. Brendan has had dogs all of his life, most recently a German Shepherd named Chloe who is a dedicated and loving best friend. Chloe demands that Brendan take her on daily hikes in the woods and gives a tremendous side-eye if her demands are not met. Outside of Chloe, Brendan spends his time taste testing scotch, spending time with friends and family, trying new foods (especially chocolate), watching and reading Harry Potter, and being outdoors. Brendan spends a lot of time camping, including a yearly trip to the Saco River in Maine, and several other impromptu trips throughout the year.

Favorite Fictional Dog: Fang, from Harry Potter

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