A Day in the Life of A Daycare Dog

Dog’s really live the life, don’t they? I mean, they get belly rubs and go for trips to the park, they play around and eat treats. It would be nice to live that life, wouldn’t it? Just when you think things couldn’t get better for dogs, doggy daycares become the NEXT. BIG. THING. And take it from me, someone who spends all day with your dog here at the Urban Hound, things are pretty nice.

“Yeah, yeah,” I can hear you saying. “But what do they do all day?”

Well, even though I am here to witness the day to day happenings at the Urban Hound, I thought I’d turn it over to my friend, Deuce, to give you the real scoop on doggy daycare. This is Deuce:


Hi, Hounds, I’m Deuce and I’m here to tell you all about how super awesome it is to be an Urban Hound! Because my mom works here, I get to come here every single day and it’s amazing. I have so many friends, both canine and human, and a lot of favorite activities. I also know the ins and outs of this place, so I can tell you anything and everything you need to know.

When I get to the Urban Hound in the mornings with my mom, I get to play immediately! Me and all the other dogs go outside and do our zoomies. We run in circles, horse around, and do our business.

When we come in from outside, my mom feeds me and any other dogs who need breakfast and it’s totally awesome. Sometimes she even sneaks some shredded cheese or chicken broth in my kibble and that is the BEST! After I digest for a few minutes (and maybe take a little snooze, too), I get to head back into the play park.


In the play park, I horse around with my best friends and try to make them chase me. They never catch me, though, I’m too fast. When I notice there are new dogs who have never been to daycare before, I like to greet them at the door with a friendly lick and then maybe a mutual butt sniff. I never want any dogs to feel out of place or scared at daycare because it’s such a cool place, everyone should love it!

When it’s nice and warm out, that’s when I’m the happiest. You know why? One word: pools. When we get into the hot Boston summers, the humans break out a bunch of those awesome kiddie pool things (although, if you ask me, they should be called doggy pools) and fill them to the brim. It’s really awesome to just lay around in the pools when it’s super hot, but I like to splash around and chase the hose the most. My friends and I will chase each other around the backyard, through the pools and everything, and not stop until we need to take a drink. Luckily, the humans put out regular water bowls, too, so that we don’t have to drink the water we play in. That would be kinda gross, even though we are dogs, after all.


Around lunch time, all of the dogs who get lunch go into their rooms to eat. Mom doesn’t always let me eat lunch, she doesn’t want me to gain too much weight, but sometimes I snag some leftovers if I give a good enough puppy dog face. Even though a lot of my friends eat lunch, I still have tons of friends left in the play park, so I don’t get lonely.

The afternoon flows pretty much the same as the morning, but that doesn’t make it boring. We still get to play in the pools and the humans will even spray us with the hose or mist us if it’s really warm out. I like to drink water out of the hose spout because I swear it tastes better that way. I’ve even shown all of my friends how to get the humans to let them do this, too.


I also have to take naps sometimes. I don’t want to but my eyes get so heavy after a long day of playing, I don’t have much of a choice. Mom also says I look really cute when I sleep, too, especially when I use my friends as pillows, so I don’t mind getting a little shut-eye. A lot of dogs like to sleep longer than me, and I can’t blame them, sometimes being a dog is tiring! I try to get away with as little sleep as possible, though. That is, until I get home. Then I CRASH! My mom and the other humans stop discussing another helpful review to buy me food or other supply, and call this “daycare wasted.” 🙂


Around dinner time, dogs start to go home, and that makes me sad. I wish my friends and I could play all day and all night long! But, the best part is, I get to see them and a new round of friends the next day, so that makes me really happy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look into a day in the life of an Urban Hound dog. I think it’s the total best place on earth, and I would know, I’ve been everywhere in my doggy dreams! My friends and I LOVE IT at the Urban Hound!!!