Employee Spotlight: Saydie

Saydie is one of our longest tenured staff members here at the Urban Hound, and we don’t know how we’d exist without her. She is a daycare superstar and spends her days at the Hound making sure your dogs have as much fun as possible.

Where do I recognize Saydie from?

You’ll see Saydie weekday and weekend afternoons, bringing your dogs up to you after a fun day of play. You also may see her about town picking dogs up and dropping them off.

Does Saydie have a dog?

Yes! In fact, Saydie has two dogs. She has Deuce, a black boxer who is full of love and playful energy. His sister, Pocah (short for Pocahontas), is a pit mix, rescued from Last Hope K9 here in Boston.

Hey, didn’t Saydie used to work mornings?

You are right! Saydie used to work as the Morning Supervisor, but has since enrolled in cosmetology school and had to change and cut her hours at the Urban Hound. Saydie is set to graduate in October and be the most legit hairstylist in Greater Boston.

What does Saydie do in her spare time?

Since enrolling in school, Saydie’s free time has been limited. When she isn’t studying or here at the Urban Hound, Saydie is usually playing with her dogs and taking them on adventures. She can also be found trying the latest vegan cuisines in Boston and hanging out with her friends.