The Urban Hound is Thankful For…

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This holiday season, we are committed to recognizing the things that we are thankful for. From the abstract to the concrete, we are so thankful for all things dog. Here’s a look at our list…

  • Lint rollers. For those of us who work with dogs, lint rollers are a life saver. It’s usually wise not to make any plans directly after work, as we always are covered in dog hair. However, some plans cannot be avoided. Enter: lint rollers. That sticky rolling pin has made us look like we have our acts together during clutch situations, even though we may smell just a little bit like dog.
  • Capturing a dog’s face at the perfect moment on camera. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking the perfect dog picture. The best ones are those caught in the middle of a silly moment. We like it best when there’s a tongue hanging out or teeth cheesing for the camera. Then, we get to share our masterpieces with you on social media. For us, capturing dogs at their goofiest is our life’s work.
  • Silly animal videos. When you want to avoid the news cycle or have had a hard day, there is only one remedy: cute animal videos on Facebook. Our favorites are the dog ones, of course, but we must admit that there are some pretty adorable cats out there in the world, too. We really like the Mannequin Challenge videos and any combination of dog + skateboard.
  • When dogs run in their sleep. Isn’t that just the best? Catching your dog running or growling or barking in his or her sleep? It’s awesome to know that our pets are in a deep enough sleep to let themselves run wild in their dreams. Plus, it’s really fun to imagine what your pup is doing in his dreams. Chasing rabbits? Cats? Playing fetch? Perhaps sleeping within their sleeping? We’ll never really know, but it sure is entertaining to guess.
  • Dog-stagram. You know what I’m talking about…that entire community on Instagram made up of hundreds of thousands of dog accounts. The ones where the owners type out their photo captions as if their dog were really authoring them. The ones you look at and know for sure that those dogs are living a much fancier life than you. We’re thankful for those! We love following along with the adventures of our client dogs who have their own Instagrams, as well as the uber-famous accounts like Doug the Pug. Because, when given the choice of looking at a human selfie or a dog selfie, we’d go dog 100 times out of 100.
  • Being greeted at the door by our dogs. This is a given, right? This will be on our lists of gratitude until the end of time. There is legitimately nothing better than knowing that you – yes, YOU – are the best part of your dog’s day. There’s not even any close competition. We’re all super grateful for those moments right after we walk in the door and our pup goes bananas. Whether they squeal, bring us a toy, jump up and down or roll on over for a belly rub, those are the best greetings anyone could ask for. Ever.

And, of course, we are so, so, so, so thankful for YOU. Here at the Urban Hound, we have the most amazing clients and the most amazing dogs. Being a part of your dog’s life will always be our greatest joy, and we are so thankful that you’ve chosen us to take care of him or her in your absence. Every dog is different and learning the personalities and quirks of each dog that walks through our door is truly so much fun.

We are thankful for you, for making our work so enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving!