Gillian, the Rockstar

This is a shout out to my Field Trip Leader, Gillian. She has been working for me for over 2 years now, and is just a rockstar.

My life has been a bit crazy lately – my house is being gutted and renovated, we are living with friends in North Andover with their two dogs (yes, four adults, four dogs and a baby in one house) during the construction, Lena is now 5 months and is no longer thrilled to just hang out at work with me all day, and Hank’s other eye was removed Wednesday after a failed attempt to save it. (I don’t know how moms with two infants do it, by the way. I have Hank on one hip, Lena on the other, and one of them is usually squirming to get away as they are being held too tight in my fear of dropping one of them).

Through it all, Lou goes out on her field trips everyday with Gillian. And I do not know what I would do without the extra love and attention she has been giving her. I mean, her life kind of stinks right now. A newborn in the house, a brother that no longer has any eyes and needs me to carry him everywhere, and not living in her own home. It has been rough. But everyday she knows the drill. Up, out, and pile into the car to go and see “Aunt Gill” for a day at the beach. This makes her the happiest dog on the planet, despite all of the transition right now. And for that, I am incredibly grateful. She is not the easiet of dogs and Gill always takes the extra time to give her what she needs and deserves.

Gillian, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for her, and for me. And for loving her as much as I do, despite her flaws.