Ashley Moschella
Project Description

While attending college, I found a stray yorkie whose collar read Lilo, covered in muddy leaves wandering down the street. After weeks of searching, no one claimed him – so I took the terrier in as my own. Later that year, in an attempt to manage my new dog, I had my first introduction into the professional dog world. I worked as a playgroup supervisor and walker before starting at The Urban Hound. I quickly realized my passion was far from graphic design and knew my hand belonged holding a leash. In 2011, I started an apprenticeship with Nick to learn how to train dogs. Five years later, I could not envision myself in any other career. Along the way, I have become involved in rescue which has grown into one of the most valuable parts of my life and job. When a fearful rescue dog comes in anxious and afraid and leaves confident and self-assured, I know I am doing the right thing. On my own time, I foster some of those timid rescue pups and help them find their forever homes. Today, the yorkie who jump-started my career has two siblings, Noli, a German Shepherd and Blitzen, a Belgian Malinois, both were also rescued.

Favorite Fictional Dog: Enzo, from The Art of Racing in the Rain