At Some Point, The Behavior Was Allowed

At some point the behavior was allowed. At some point the behavior was encouraged. Whatever the behavior is that we want to change in our dog, the first step is realizing that at some point our dog heard us say “Yes!”

True, we might not have actually said it, but in our inaction that’s what we communicated.
Because we let the puppy wander into another room and go potty, and it was another five minutes before we figured out what happened: the puppy heard “yes.”
Because we let the young dog jump up on us for a moment (I know, I know, it was only for a SECOND!) and we gave them affection for it: our dog heard “yes.”
I can’t tell you how many dogs I’ve met that can hold the worlds longest sit stay in their house right before dinner. Any other time, it’s a hopeless cause. Why is that? Because we rehearsed it, we practiced it and the dog has a very clear idea of what the “yes” looks like.
Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes a behavior has been going on for a long time and we will have to tell our dog “no.” But after that, once we move closer to the behavior that we want, let us always remember to tell our dog “yes.”

Employee Spotlight: Emily

A little bit about Emily…

Emily is a Massachusetts native who grew up in Taunton. Ever since she was a little girl, she has loved dogs. However, she was not allowed to get a dog until she was older, so Emily grew up with cats and still has an affinity for them, as well. Emily and her boyfriend have a cat, Khloe Katdashian, who was rescued after she was found living beneath a porch with her siblings. Khloe is very feisty and is best friends with the dogs in Emily’s household.

Where you’ll see her…

As one of our Daycare Supervisors, Emily’s job is to make sure that our play parks are as safe and happy a place as possible for our doggy guests and our staff. When she is not overseeing a play group, Emily can be found zipping around the building, bringing dogs out to their owners in the evenings, and making sure things are running smoothly.

What does Emily do for fun?

In her spare time, Emily enjoys going to concerts, adventuring with her dog, hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, or just laying low. Emily loves pop-rock and pop-punk. She has seen many of her favorite bands live, including All Time Low and Fall Out Boy.

Does Emily have a dog?

Yes! Emily has a beautiful rescue dog named Fenway. Fenway is half german shepherd, and half pitbull. Fenway is sweet and snuggly, and she loves treats. Emily and Fenway go on many adventures together, especially in the nicer weather. Fenway was adopted through Last Hope K9 Rescue and is almost a year old.

Employee Spotlight: Keri

A little about Keri…
Keri was born and raised in Massachusetts and is a lifelong Bostonian. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her dog, Otis. More on him in a minute! Keri has been with the Urban Hound for 5 years now, and is one of the most valuable members of our team.

Where have you seen her?
Clients will recognize Keri as our Daycare Manager. She brings their dogs out to them at the end of the day and chats with clients as needed when they have questions. Prospective clients will recognize Keri as their tour group leader on Saturdays. Behind the scenes, Keri is always working hard to make sure that our play parks are the safest, happiest environment they can be for all of our pups.

Does Keri have a dog?
She sure does! Keri has a Schnauzer/Westie mix named Otis, affectionately known also as “Chicken” or “Chicken Wing.” Keri and Otis do almost everything together, and Otis’s favorite days are the days he gets to come to work with his mom.

What does Keri do for fun?
In her free time, Keri loves taking Otis for long walks and hikes. Keri does yoga to relax, sometimes Otis does, too. Keri’s favorite human is her nephew, Ryan. They have a lot of fun together watching old movies. She also enjoys traveling (most recently to New Mexico), and is on a constant mission to find the best tacos in Greater Boston.


We’ve got all kinds of things to be thankful for here at the Urban Hound. First of all, we get to spend our days with dogs. What’s better than that? Whether it’s another day of craziness in the news, your immune system finally succumbing to flu season, or just a week of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, not much can’t be cured by slobbery dog kisses.

Other things we’re thankful for include:

  • A staff who work hard everyday to create a happy, safe environment for our pups
  • Blackbird Donuts being right up the street
  • Clients who start our days with smiles
  • The essential oils diffuser that keeps our lobby smelling fresh
  • Totally 80s radio on Pandora
  • …and so much more!!!

We’ll be sharing everything else we’re thankful for on Instagram throughout the month of November using the hashtag #ThankDog. We’d love for you to join us! Using Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #ThankDog to share the dog-related things that make your world go ’round, and we’ll share yours with our followers. We’re looking forward to seeing what you share!

Employee Spotlight: Liz

dog trainer boston urban hounds training dog daycare

In the spirit of being thankful this month, we are so happy to put the spotlight on one of our star employees, Liz. We are so thankful for Liz because she is truly a ray of sunshine. Everyday, Liz comes to work with a wide smile on her face, ready for anything. The dogs love Liz because she has this amazing, innate sense of how best to communicate with them without saying a word. The staff loves Liz because she’s ready to lend a helping hand wherever she’s needed, and she exudes a constant positivity that’s impossible to ignore.

Outside of the Urban Hound, Liz is just as amazing. First and foremost, Liz is an excellent mother to her 7-year-old son Miles. If you were at our Ghouls, Gimlets & Grrrowlers party, you may have met Miles, who served as one of our costume judges. Liz’s all-time favorite activity is snuggling with Miles and their Beagle pup, Ginger. When Liz and Miles have spare time, they are at the park with Ginger, attending one of Miles’s Boy Scout meetings (he takes his pledge very seriously), or rooting for the Celtics.

Since growing up in the Milton/Boston area, Liz has loved dogs. She loves pitbulls, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Border & Rough Collies. (And, of course, Beagles.) Liz graduated from Roxbury Community College with a degree in Veterinary Assistance, so you know your dogs are in great hands when she’s around. If you are looking for a great with amazing staff to go to then check out Pharr Road Animal Hospital.

In addition to working full-time and being a great mom, Liz finds time for the things she loves. Liz enjoys drawing, especially old 90s cartoons. Liz is also a passionate advocate for survivors of domestic violence.

The Urban Hound is lucky to have Liz on our team, and we hope you’ll feel just as lucky knowing your pups are in Liz’s capable, caring hands when they can’t be with you.