Essential Oils Night at the Urban Hound!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just without the internet) for the past year or so, you’ve heard of the essential oils craze. While essential oils have been used for a long time for health and wellness, they have really hit the mainstream in the last couple of years. In other words, essential oils are having a moment.

But why should all the fun be reserved for humans? We don’t think it should!

We’ve partnered with Young Living, a popular retailer of oils and diffusers, for a night of Q&As and how-tos about reaping these health benefits for your dog. Young Living even offers a line of animal-specific oils and other products, since animals are often much more sensitive to these oils than humans.

If you’re simply curious about using essential oils for yourself and your home, you’re welcome at our Essential Oils Night, too! There will be time to ask questions about the health benefits of Young Living’s products for yourself and your family, even if you’re not ready to introduce them to your pets yet.

Even if you’re mildly curious, what do you have to lose? The class is free and is first come first served. And did we mention the giveaways?!

Join us April 20th at 6pm to learn more about how essential oils can improve the wellbeing of you and your family, whether that includes your four-legged friends or not!

Please call the front desk by April 5 to reserve your spot. 617-755-5775.

The Lucky Dog Pupgrade!

dog daycare boston urban hound

The Luck of the Irish is with us this month at the Urban Hound. Our latest Spa Pupgrade is all about St. Patrick’s Day and will include a raffle.

As usual, the upgrade gets your dog:

  • A wash with premium shampoos and conditioners
  • Nail smoothing
  • Teeth brushing
  • Paw and pad treatment (aka a mani/pedi for your pup!)
  • Fancy cologne
  • A St. Patrick’s Day bandana
  • Leprechaun sparkles!

This month, the pupgrade comes with a free raffle entry. Our Pot of Gold Raffle prizes include grooming discounts, spa treatments and a Deluxe Pampering Booklet full of spa coupons for the lucky winner.

Don’t forget to call and book your dog’s Pupgrade today!

Employee Spotlight: Olivia

Olivia is a reformed former-cat-person and couldn’t be happier about it. As a young millennial, Olivia would always cite cats as her favorite animal in all of those important Facebook surveys. She thought it made her seem edgy and broody and sophisticated. Now, Olivia understands that, while cats are a truly unique and adorable part of the animal kingdom, she has always been a dog person.

urban hound boston dog daycare

As a toddler, Olivia spent her days riding the family black lab, Chloe, around the house and making leaf piles for the two of them to jump in together. In middle school and high school, Olivia’s family dog was a rescued cocker spaniel named Tucker. After Tucker, Olivia and her family decided their two cats, Mazie and Gracie, would fill the four-legged friend quota in their household.

Olivia went through the rest of high school and college a passive dog admirer. However, it didn’t take Olivia more than a few minutes into her first shift at the Urban Hound to understand that she could no longer suppress her inner dog lover. Their slobbery kisses and frantic tail-wags were kryptonite to Olivia, who knew that she had to one day have her own.

urban hound boston dog daycare

Now, Olivia is on a one-woman mission to make her rescue dog, Gatsby, the happiest creature on planet earth. In her spare time, Olivia fulfills this mission by taking Gatsby to the dog park, on hikes with his friends, and to their family camp on Moosehead Lake in Maine. Of course, Olivia documents all of she and Gatsby’s adventures in an attempt to make her four-legged son internet famous (@fourleggedgatsby on Instagram, check him out). Olivia also fosters dogs for Boston’s Last Hope K9 Rescue, an amazing volunteer-run organization that connects dogs from Arkansas with their forever families.
At the Urban Hound, Olivia has no greater responsibility than keeping your dogs safe and happy. Olivia serves as a daycare attendant, dog chauffeur, social media and marketing manager, and substitute dog walker, if you will. While Olivia has an array of previous work experience, her position at the Urban Hound is the job that has made her the happiest.

Outside of all of her dog-related experience and activities, Olivia enjoys reading fiction and nonfiction, listening to podcasts (a highly underrated form of entertainment) and spending time with her husband, Tom Brady.

urban hound boston dog daycare